Paytm Payment Gateway Integration in PHP

Are you looking for payment solution for your website or mobile app? Paytm payment gateway can be a right choice for that. You can securely accept payment using with Paytm online payment. Paytm is easier as it is linked with many services which make the online transaction convenient for the customers. This is one of the safest and secured payment gateways in India for online transaction. So here in this tutorial you will learn how to integrate Paytm payment gateway using PHP.

So now we will cover up Paytm payment integration with PHP in easy steps:

Step1: Download Paytm Payment Gateway PHP Kit
First you need to download Paytm Payment Gateway PHP Kit from given link. You need to copy PaytmKit folder in document root of your server.

Step2: Update Paytm Gateways Configuration
Now open config_paytm.php file from the PaytmKit/lib folder and update the below constant values. You will will need to create Paytm Payment Account and fill the form to get payment integration credentials. You face any issue, you can contact Paytm with account details get generate credentials.

//Use PAYTM_ENVIRONMENT as 'PROD' if you wanted to do transaction in production environment else 'TEST' for doing transaction in testing environment.
//Change this constant's value with Merchant key received from Paytm
//Change this constant's value with MID (Merchant ID) received from Paytm
//Change this constant's value with Website name received from Paytm

Steps3: Create Form with Required Field
Now we will create form with required fields with values. As we are using Paytmkit, so you just need to pass action to pgRedirect.php and it will handle all, you don't need to worry as the Paytmkit will handle everything like verifying CheckSum and other details.

<form method="post" action="pgRedirect.php">
<input id="ORDER_ID" tabindex="1" maxlength="20" size="20" name="ORDER_ID" autocomplete="off" value="<?php echo "ORDS" . rand(10000,99999999)?>">
<input id="CUST_ID" tabindex="2" maxlength="12" size="12" name="CUST_ID" autocomplete="off" value="CUST001">
<input id="INDUSTRY_TYPE_ID" tabindex="4" maxlength="12" size="12" name="INDUSTRY_TYPE_ID" autocomplete="off" value="Retail">
<input id="CHANNEL_ID" tabindex="4" maxlength="12" size="12" name="CHANNEL_ID" autocomplete="off" value="WEB">
<input title="TXN_AMOUNT" tabindex="10" type="text" name="TXN_AMOUNT" value="1">
<input value="CheckOut" type="submit">

You can also go through Paytm Payment API Documentation for more details to integrate Paytm payment gateway using PHP.

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You can view the live demo from the Demo link and can download the script from the Download link below.
Demo Download

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