Arcadia v1.6.6 - Arcade Gaming Platform

Arcadia v1.6.6 - Arcade Gaming Platform



Start your own arcade community platform with Arcadia. This feature-packed PHP script comes with 26,000+ high-quality Flash and HTML5 games, 9 theme colors, 3 different avatar styles, game submissions and more so that you can create and customize a top-notch arcade platform.


  • 26,000+ Games – High quality Flash and HTML5 games from Kongregate, Softgames, Gamepix, Scirra Arcade, Spilgames and more! Fetch it using the automatic game import feature!
  • Game Submissions – Your arcade users can submit their games and earn exp when approved!
  • Theme Colors – Choose what color fits your arcade style! Choose from 9 different theme colors! Alizarin, river, amethyst and more!
  • Default Avatars – 3 different styles for default avatars! Gmail style, Robohash Monsters and Adorable Avatars! Choose your style!
  • Game Review System – Approve or delete pending submitted games from your arcade users!
  • Gaming Features – Add to favorites, report, submit, edit, delete, add comments, fullscreen mode, star ratings, embed, related games, last players and more!
  • Smart EXP System – Earn exp by playing, submitting games, adding comments, staying on your site, referring users and more! You could even earn exp when other member plays your submitted games!
  • Complete User System – Registration, login, forgot password, online members, user comments, leaderboard, ranks, exp, avatars, profile covers, multi-level users, language saving and more!
  • Ranks System – Allow you users to earn exp and rank up and become the “God of Gamers”!
  • Shoutbox – Chat with other online players! with chat commands and live online count! Shout and talk live!
  • Social Login – Login using your facebook, google or twitter accounts easily!
  • 3 Comments System – Allow your users to comment in games using the default comments, facebook comments or disqus comments!
  • Ads Ready – Earn tons of $$$$ with advertisements! Place adsense banners on homepage, game page, game frames, login page and more!
  • Pretty URL’s – Navigate to your arcade site easily with human readable links, It also increases search engine visibility of your site!
  • SEO Optimized – From urls to meta tags! With automatic page meta tags generation and open graph tags generation for social sharing!
  • Responsive Templates – 2 beautiful bootstrap arcade designed templates built to fit and look great on different devices.
  • Control Panel – Manage everything in the multi-functional control panel! Configure a wide range of settings, check statistics, manage users, manage ads, manage reports, manage pages, manage categories and more!
  • Smart Mobile Detect – Automatically detects if user is using a mobile or tablet device and the system will adjust based on the mobile environment by showing only touch compatible games and optimizing the pages.
  • Multi Language – Easily translate to your own language! Every possible strings in the system are translated to provide better user experience! It also has multi-lingual search that allows your users to search for games in different languages!
  • Smart Caching – Greatly improves the site loading time and lessens the database load for a smooth user experience.
  • API System – Easily create a plugin for your arcade site using the easy to use api! It’s also possible for your users to embed games and user profiles to their own websites!
  • Game Distribution – Allow other arcade sites to fetch your games! Create your own game distribution system and be a game provider!
  • Ajax Powered – Ultra fast game pagination, comments pagination, dynamic form saving and more! Save tons of bandwidth!
  • Easy Installer – Install arcadia easily as counting 1, 2, 3! No monkey work and catalog shits needed!
  • Tons of Features – Anti adblock, recent comments, new users, last game players, recent searches, custom pages, online users, category management, language management, social sharing, leaderboard, toast alerts, orientation detection and more!
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