Awesome Conversion Script Free Download

Awesome Conversion Script Free Download

Awesome Conversion Script provides many types of conversions using a simple single script. You need to use a single function to convert from one format to another format of data.

Single Script to import/export many data formats

  • Import/Export Database
  • Import/Export CSV
  • Import/Export Excel
  • Import/Export XML
  • Import/Export HTML Table
  • Export Data from SQL
  • Export PDF
  • Import/Export array formats to different formats(csv,xml,pdf,html,excel)
You can import either excel, csv, xml, html table to database and also can generate this different format files (excel, csv, xml, html table). You can also convert these files from one format to another like excel can be converted to pdf, csv can be converted to xml, xml can be converted to excel. 
You can either use the sql script or database table selection of generate this different format of files, for example you can use the sql script to generate the pdf, excel, csv, xml format files.

You can either use the GUI to convert the files or you can use script programmatically to do the format conversion. Script works on concept of converting the given format to 2 dimensional array and then it converts the 2 dimensional array to required format. So any type of supported files with 2 level of nesting will work perfectly. For database operation, script uses the bulk PDO operation for faster result. I had included the demo data inside script.

Key Features

  • 1. Supports many formats csv, xml, pdf, excel, html table, database, sql,array
  • 2. Single function needs to remember to perform any type of format conversion
  • 3. Use PDO bulk operation to perform insert operation for faster performance
  • 4. You can use either script in code or use GUI to do the conversion
  • 5. lightweight script, fully documented with demo

  • 3 line Basic code for using script programmatically (You need to use the AwesomeConversionScript/script/classes folder only)

/* include the ACS class page */

/* Step 1: create object of the ACS class */
$ACS=new ACS();

/* Step 2: call the convert method */
/* $inputFileLocation = location of the input file */
/* $outputFileLocation = location of the output file */
$ACS->convert("excel","pdf",$inputFileLocation, $outputFileLocation);

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