Nulled Responsive HTML5, Flash Games & ROMs Games Platform - Arcade Game Script v1.2.2

Nulled Responsive HTML5, Flash Games & ROMs Games Platform - Arcade Game Script v1.2.2

Features :

  • Cross Platform and Responsive Design (web & mobile ready)
  • Support : HTML5, Flash, Unity 3D, Embedded & Hosted Games and ROMs Games
  • Web emulator for Roms Games included
  • ROMs games support for nes, super nes, mega drive, gameboy color, gameboy advance
  • Automatic games import (flash, HTML5 and unity 3D)
  • More than 3500 Importable High Quality HTML5 Applications
  • Embed and iframe Sources from other websites HTML5 & Flash
  • Spilgames auto games importation – Feed HTML5 & Flash
  • GamePix auto games importation – Feed HTML5
  • 4J auto games importation – Feed HTML5
  • Tresensa auto games importation – Feed HTML5
  • Importation of game’s instructions, keywords, tips, authors, and categories
  • Translation: Support of French language
  • Ready for other translation
  • Simple and easily customizable bootstrap design
  • Full Administration Panel
  • Game statistics
  • Integrated advertising system
  • Categories and sub-categories management
  • Pages, comments and keywords management
  • Clean layout and Clean code
  • Full Screen Support and Live Resizing
  • Ajax Game Rating widget
  • Ajax likes and unlikes comments functions
  • Extented profile members and social function
  • Responsive advertisement spaces
  • Advanced search engine
  • Share on Social Networks
  • Pages Management
  • Automatic sitemap generation
  • Automated installation


Our application has been developed to provide the best possible experience for both users and site administrators. The administration interface allows you to manage all aspects of your website in a simple and ergonomic way.
We have taken particular care to the code and have developed each of these aspects in a logical SEO friendly so that the search engines can easily index the content and position it effectively. This PHP script is also intended to be translated or customized easily, both in terms of design and features.
The installation program allows for an easy and fast installation of your site. Built on a Bootstrap architecture, the design of your site is completely responsive and simple to customize.
Entertain your visitors with hundreds of games categorized and feature new features for your members, ratings, favorite games, member profiles, and more.
Viral tools and sharing features are also included to quickly publicize your site. Everyone loves to play and share these new finds with friends, which will increase traffic to your site from social networks.
Our application has also been realistic for promotional and marketing purposes, enabling you to generate advertising revenues or offer sales of advertising space and affiliations.
To help you increase and increase traffic to your site, statistical tools are also available to track each of the games and know what content your visitors prefer.
Many new features are also in development and will be added during the next updates of our application. You can participate in the implementation of future features from our forums at this address:

Requirements :

  • PHP >= 5.4
  • PDO Extension (only for installation)
  • MySQL Database

Technologies Used :

  • Codeigniter Framework
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • Other PHP, Javascript and JQuery libraries

Download :

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