Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 full  specification

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 full specification

Xiaomi  5g smartphone

Xiaomi  5g smartphone is Xiaomi MiMix 3.

Xiaomi  5g smartphone

Xiaomi  5g smartphone

Chinese company Xiaomi is launching the new smartphone Mi Mix 3 in China on October 25 this month, but some specifications have already been introduced before launch. According to Tech Reports, these smartphones will come with full view display. Also, it is expected to get 10 GB RAM. Although Oppo Find X is going to launch with 10 GB RAM, but if Oppo does not launch it by October 25, then the Mi Mix 3 can be the first smartphone with 10 GB RAM.

Some specification are:-

Dual front camera will be available in

Xiaomi MiMix 3.

1.  According to Tech Reports, this smartphone is expected to get 24 + 24 megapixel dual front camera. Along with this, the camera slider can be given in the same way as Oppo Find X.

2. The front camera will be in the camera slider and when the front camera will be turned on for selfie then the front camera will come out.

5G will also support

1.   Expected to get Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor in Mi Mix 3. It can get 6 GB, 8 GB and 10 GB RAM options. Along with this, these phones will come with 5G support.

2.  However, the company has not yet provided any information regarding its specification. Recently some of its photos have also been leaked, which shows that there will be dual camera and fingerprint sensor in its rear.

How much the cost?

1.   According to media reports, the cheapest variant of Mi  Mix 3 will come with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, which can cost $ 510 (about 37,500 rupees). At the same time, the price of 6 GB RAM, 128 GB storage variant can be $ 55 (about 40,800 rupees).

2.   While its 8 GB RAM, 128GB storage costs $ 600 (about Rs 44,000) and 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage can be worth 645 dollars (about 47,400 rupees). Prices of 10 GB RAM variants have not leaked.

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