Line Sticker Downloader PHP CLI

Line Sticker Downloader PHP CLI

Line Sticker Downloader

Download sticker images and assets in zip from LINE Store


  • Compatible sound and animation stickers
  • Able to run from both CGI (browser) and CLI (terminal)


  • PHP 7.0+
  • PHP ZipArchive

Debian example (CLI usage only)

sudo apt install php-cli php-zip



  1. Clone the repository, or download zip and extract it
  2. Deploy the entire directory to a web server (personal server recommended)
  3. Give PHP permission to write in caches directory (0777 is common)

CLI only

  1. Clone the repository, or download zip and extract it



  1. Visit index.html
  2. Fill in a sticker ID
  3. Click a download button
  4. Wait for a minute
  5. Click a download link


  • Download ID 1234 stickers

    php download.php 1234

  • Download ID 1111111 stickers as in the working directory

    php download.php 1111111

  • Download ID 5678 stickers as in foo directory

    php download.php 5678 foo/

Existing files will be overwritten.


How to find IDs

See the URL of a sticker item page.


IDs are consecutive

  • Official stickers are from 1
  • Creator's stickers are from 1000000

Download multiple sticker packages

Use CLI with a loop command.

  • Bash
for ((i=1000; i<=1050; i++)); do php download.php $i; done
  • PowerShell
for ($i = 1000; $i -lt 1050; $i++) { php download.php $i }

Multiprocessing downloading

Xargs may help.

seq 1000 2000 | xargs -L 1 -P 8 php download.php

In the case of PowerShell 7.0 or newer, ForEach-Object -Parallel is suitable.

2000..3000 | ForEach-Object -ThrottleLimit 8 -Parallel { php download.php $_ }


  • The size of a download page (CGI) would be large because the PHP program outputs a lot of dummy data so that a server sends document data continuously and a browser refresh the screen.
  • Sticker resources are located in public web directories, so anyone can get them easily and legally (private use only).
  • A few packages contain broken PNGs in iPhone stickers, missing important metadata. These stickers can't open with most applications, but there is a solution. Open them with macOS's application (Preview etc.) and export as new images. Exported images may be valid forms.


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